About Us

After learning how alone and isolated many foster and adoptive families feel while raising children from hard places, we decided to start a small life group to network those that are called to do so. Starting with just a few families in our church, we began meeting to offer encouragement, support, and prayer. Quickly, more and more foster and adoptive families started to join us. Through our group, we began to realize how the lack of faith-based support was negatively affecting the children in foster and adoptive homes. We decided it was time to change that! In 2016, God blessed us by opening the doors for us to become a 501(c)(3) and the Legacy Family Network was born.


Did You Know?

60% of all foster families quit within the first year. Therefore, children who have been separated from their biological families will yet again be separated from their foster families compounding the trauma they have already experienced. We believe that providing families with a strong support network can change that.

Board Of Directors